Know Your Library


I’m in the Brisbane region and our council libraries have some wonderful services for it’s members. Knowing what your local libraries offers can save you heaps whilst also making it feel like you’re not being particularly frugal. For example did you know that libraries offer so much more than books these days? It costs nothing to join at council libraries but they offer our communities so much, for example my local libraries offer the following

  • Books (well c’mon it had to be said 😉 )
  • Magazines, both current and past issues on a huge range of topics (gardening, gossip, health, photography, craft, and finance to name just a few!)
  • DVD’s. These unfortunately aren’t always treated with the greatest care so can sometimes be scratched. However it can be a good way to have a family movie night with zero expense.
  • CD’s. My library has a huge range of CD’s, some popular singers and some a bit more obscure – but it’s a great FREE way to find some new music you might enjoy. There are also kid’s CD’s so you need not pay to get annoying songs stuck in your head 😛
  • Electronic resources. My council library has a bunch of electronic resources including apps to borrow ebooks and audiobooks and even free to keep mp3 downloads including current pop songs. The audiobooks have been a lifesaver when little Mister wants me near while he sleeps but I’m not ready for bed just yet.
  • Events such as weekly rhyme time for juniors, school holiday activities and talks with authors to name just a few.

So with the help of my lovely local librarians I can watch some dvd’s for a date night, always have books on hand for little Mister, read my favourite magazine, socialise with other mums and bubs and learn new skills – all for free!

Do you take advantage of your local libraries?


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