I accidentally took off a bit longer than I intended to from the blog. We’ve been having an interesting time with Little Mister having hospital appointments workshops on eating (apparently yelling “Y U NO EAT!?” won’t help 😉 ) and just in all trying to cope with the mayhem. So please forgive me for my disappearance Here’s a brief spiel on what I’ve been up to the past 2 months.

I’ve been gardening. In truth this is probably the biggest reason I haven’t been blogging – I’ve been gardening when I normally could have blogged. Gardening has been highly therapeutic for me and also helped when Little Mister is particularly out of sorts. I’ve recently planted some broccoli, silverbeet, corn and carrot which I hope will harvest in time. I also have intentions of planting some cabbage, tomato, and lettuce. I’ve been grabbing coffee grounds from a local coffee shop to help improve our soil and more recently I’ve just created a bokashi bin to compost food scraps. I hope to post more on this as it’s a great environmentally friendly way of dealing with waste as well as improving soil quality – and can be done for really cheap if you’ve got some time to wait.

I’ve been decluttering around the house (and having mild breakdowns when I’m surrounded by so much unnecessary clutter). I am striving for much more minimalist goals and have been reading the KonMari method. I’m also trying to keep small areas totally free of (child related) clutter at all times so I can maintain a semblance of sanity.

I’m also preparing for Mr Fim to come home permanently from the FIFO lifestyle. We are super excited about this although I know at some point there is little doubt we will have clashes from being constantly back in each others spaces. However I am so keen to get back into a more traditionally normal lifestyle and also have an extra pair of hands to help deal with teething meltdowns and the like.


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