Frugal Fortunes & Fumbles:FFF #1


Each week I like to look back at the week that was and reflect on whether or not I am still undertaking steps to get me to my financial goals. I am not superhuman and as such I have my fumbles as well as my fortunes and I think it’s important to learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.


Fortunes –

  • Low expenditure on groceries. At the moment I’m trying to bring my pantry and freezer stores down a tad and as such I’m trying to keep my grocery spend down.
  • Bargain Grocery Buys – I bought a whole chicken at $2.80/kg which was nicely below my $4/kg ideal price. I cooked it up as a delicious roast, then stripped the meat for lunches as well as keeping the bones in the freezer to later turn into delicious chicken bone broth. I also managed to buy 2kg of greek yogurt that was reduced by $8.86! (was $13.98 bought for $5.12).
  • Surveys – I’ve been persistent in my surveys and have built up a nice buffer of e-gift cards for future grocery shopping.

Fumbles –

  • A tub of icecream might have slipped into my grocery basket which then might have slipped into my stomach D: I’m trying to break my sugar addiction before I develop any health issues from it so this is one fumble I’m feeling doubly guilty of.
  • An even bigger and more painful fumble – I dropped my iPhone off my balcony! I’m on a prepaid plan and the phone was 2.5 years old but I’m not risking putting (another!) $130 down on a new screen which might not actually fix the issue (the screen still worked but froze so I suspect bigger issues relating to being dropped a significant height by a butter fingers might be at play…) As such I’m keenly awaiting the arrival of my new non Apple phone.


How was your week?
Did you have any Fortunes or Fumbles?


5 thoughts on “Frugal Fortunes & Fumbles:FFF #1

  1. I love the idea of tracking ourselves. I find it helps keep me on track. My big fumble was woefully under budgeting for hosting an event. The Fortune was that it looks like I won`t blow my monthly budget and I got to spend quality time with some great people.


    1. Woo! Well done in all! Being frugal doesn’t mean having to deprive yourself entirely. I think an occasional fumble like that can be worth it and prevent you getting burnt out. Main issue is not to let it become the norm and to learn from your fumble.

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  2. I do well with spending until I feel I need something. Sunday I used my credit card to purchase frontline for my cats. We’ve had fleas and I hate bugs so it felt like I had to medicate them that day. I could wait until tomorrow, but I feel better knowing that the house is that much more protected.

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