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July: End of Month recap

So at the beginning of the month I decided it’s time to say see-ya to our home mortgage. I gave myself the timeline of a year to completely get rid of just over $90,000 in mortgage. Whilst I still need to dedicate some time to working out exactly how to achieve that I worked out roughly where we need to be each month. Well the numbers are in and in this first month we are a mere $700 outside of where I would prefer be (after paying $300 in interest!). I’m pretty happy with that for a first attempt considering I didn’t decide on this goal until a week into July.

We did well getting $300 for scrap metal this month, I brought in $240 in surveys and $330 in catalogue delivery. So in all an additional $870 – which will help towards $10K additional for the year if we can keep this momentum up.

I also got a great deal on 4kgs of strawberries and 16 small pineapples for $20 from my local fruit shop. The strawberries have all been devoured with the pineapples being the current target. I have intentions to use them in curried sausages, pancakes and fruit salad, with the ability to chop and freeze extras for later cooking/smoothies. We also have avoided needing to pay crazy prices for tomatoes as all the self-sown ones have been ripening at a wonderful pace. I need to plant a bit more lettuce to sustain us, but we’ve also been eating broccoli leaf, garlic leaf and silverbeet reducing our grocery bill somewhat in the veggie department.

There are some big bills heading out way for August as there always is so I need to work out some extra ways to bring in extra funds – namely surveys, scrap metal and selling goods. I’ve just begun listing things for sale over the past few days (I was really slack on that one). I’m currently taking advantage of accruing more flybuys points through an offer that will get me another $30 in points for doing my usual shop over 3 consecutive weeks. That will give me $120 in flybuys for grocery shopping.

FID (frugallyinclineddad) is away for the first 2 weeks of August for work which will mean reduced expenditure for food as his work covers his meals as well. He also will receive additional pay during his working away.

In all I’m still feeling really optimistic towards our goal. Our daily interest will continue to go down ($20 this month compared to last month) which will continue to gradually give us money to put towards the mortgage.


Frugal Fortunes & Fumbles: FFF#10



Each week I like to look back at the week that was and reflect on whether or not I am still undertaking steps to get me to my financial goals. I am not superhuman and as such I have my fumbles as well as my fortunes and I think it’s important to learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.



  • Maccas is currently running a monopoly game which gives you the opportunity to win some freebies. Little Mr and I often clean up rubbish on our walks around the neighbourhood and we’ve picked up a few of the game pieces from the rubbish. I’ve enjoyed a few free coffees as well as a sundae and cheeseburger – with the added side of feeling good for removing rubbish from the environment.
  • I came in under budget on the grocery shopping for the second month in a row. This month I used 93% of the budget compared to 81% the previous month. I’m hoping to be much further under budget this month as I aim to reduce my inventory.
  • We’ve been getting out of the house more recently which should reduce our electricity bill slightly.


  • I’ve fallen far behind in doing my surveys lately, resulting in less gift cards to pay for my groceries. This gives me a second incentive for reducing my inventory at the moment.

Australian Survey Sites

surveys.jpgWhilst it’s always easier to reduce your expenditure than it is to earn extra money, some people like to do surveys to bring in some extra income to their household. I have been doing surveys on many sites for about 3 years now and over that period of time I have tracked which surveys pay out the most reliably. I usually earn enough from my surveys sites to pay for my groceries each month which is convenient as most of the Australian survey sites offer grocery gift cards as one of their rewards choices. Below I have listed, and will update as necessary, my favourite survey sites to save you the hassle of working out which sites are good and which aren’t worth it. All of these sites are time intensive to get rewards so it’s up to you to decide if completing surveys is a valuable use of your time. For your ease of use of this page the name of each survey site is also a link to the site.

This is one of my favourite survey sites but requires you to log in frequently to get the best benefit from it. Surveys aren’t emailed to you, instead just a daily summary which gives a way over-inflated amount of what you could potentially earn. Pureprofile does pay out 5-10c per survey even if you aren’t eligible to complete it which sounds like nothing but it does add up quickly!

This site is another of my most frequently visited sites. As with Pureprofile you need to frequently visit the site to get the best benefit from it. Getting screened out of these surveys still gets you the equivalent of around 20c in points and furthermore you can build up bonus points through their loyalty program. The instant cash out rewards are actually instant which is a huge bonus for me.

Swagbucks is traditionally speaking an American site and as such doesn’t cater amazingly to Australians but can be a nice way to get a small passive income with little effort. At the moment using the referral link I’ve supplied and earning 300SB (approx $3) within the same month will get you a bonus 300SB (so if you are at the end of July maybe wait till the first week of August to sign up). By making swagbucks your default search engine you can get randomly allocated swagbucks (requires a code to be input to redeem in a timely manner) and there is also a toolbar that alerts you to when there is a ‘swagcode’ which will give you bonus points. You can play videos for small amounts of swagbucks which I do whilst doing the dishes. There is also surveys on the site however I do find you get screened out more frequently than you actually get to complete a survey and you only get the equivalent of 1c a max of 5 times a day for screening out. The best benefit of the site however is it currently pays out (to Paypal) in US dollars, so if the Aussie dollar is particularly weak when you cash out it’s actually beneficial 😉  The best way to learn about getting the most from swagbucks is to check out the swagbucks reddit page.

This site fell out of my favour for a while after a few glitches in their system which have fortunately since been fixed during a big overhaul of their site. As with all of my favourite sites it pays out a small amount even if you don’t qualify for a particular survey – however it’s only 5c. They offer a decent amount of surveys.

Mint Surveys
For some reason this site sometimes receives bad press which I don’t understand. If I had to guess it would be because a lot of the emails end up in the spam folder due to always being sent from different email addresses which makes people feel like they are never getting invited to surveys. Mint Surveys offers a generous 10-20c reward if you screen out on a survey however I find I get screened out of the fewest surveys on this site so long as I respond to the emails in a timely matter. Make sure on the final page you answer the poll question as they are always worth an extra 10c even if you screen out! One small downside of Mint Surveys is they are yet to change their reward system to include e-gift cards which means you may be waiting 2 months to receive your reward in the mail (however I ALWAYS have received it!)

This one is lower on my to do list after the previous survey sites. I’ve recently been had a string of issues with survey errors which makes me less keen to do them. Similar to MyOpinions they offer a loyalty bonus so the more surveys you do the more bonus points you get per survey. There is also no incentive for surveys you screen out of which is why I more frequently let these surveys pass. However they do pay out which is why I’ve included them on this list.

Field Agent
Ok, so this one isn’t technically a survey site. It is however a mystery shopper type smartphone App. It’s available on both iOS and Android and in short pays you for assorted tasks. In the past they’ve paid $3 to keep your junk mail for a week and report about it (no massive wordy reports required) I’ve done tasks that involved shopping at spotlight (and getting my purchase refunded), I’ve had free/paid dinners for reporting about pizza chains or easy convenience meals from grocery stores. It’s an app that definitely seems to favour those in metro areas but pays decently for the amount of time to tasks actually take as opposed to some of the other methods listed here. I don’t participate in a lot of the tasks offered because they’re too far away or I’m too slow, but I still tend to bring in around $100 a year on this one.

Just to reiterate – with all these sites you only get out of them what you put in and I think them far from the best way to earn income in terms of time input/money outcome – but as something to do whilst watching tv at night, or to fill time whilst you are bedridden with injury or illness – it can be a nice little way to get some extra cash without leaving the house.

Do you recommend any survey sites accessible in Australia that I haven’t included? Let me know in the comments!

Full disclosure, by using the link supplied by on this page I may be receiving a referral bonus.