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Another whoops I’ve been away a while update.

Mr Fim has come back from the FIFO lifestyle so we’ve been readjusting to to that over the past month. We’ve been readjusting our budgets and just getting back to life as a family unit. Further to that, this month I’ve been playing the #Minsgame – a game by the minimalists that aims to encourage decluttering. The initial game is to declutter 1 item on the 1st day of the month, 2 items on the 2nd and so forth. I’ve been taking it to a turbo charged level (beast mode if you will) and aiming to dispose of roughly 30 things a day. This has seen me get to more than 450 items in 7 days and feel like the place is getting lovely and decluttered. This is allowing more play area for Little Mister so we are all benefiting from the changes.

I hope over the next few days to begin to post a few helpful cost cutting posts inspired by talking to a group of people who really struggle on a meagre income. Stay tuned 🙂