Frugal Fortunes & Fumbles: FFF#9



Each week I like to look back at the week that was and reflect on whether or not I am still undertaking steps to get me to my financial goals. I am not superhuman and as such I have my fumbles as well as my fortunes and I think it’s important to learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.



  • I got a great deal on the most expensive component of my homemade version of cereal, allowing me to maximise my savings.
  • Following Little Mr’s anemia diagnosis I received an easy pate recipe from a friend that made almost 2kgs of pate. I looked up the shops price of pate and it’s around $30/kg – since the ingredients all cost less that $8 – including electricity etc I saved around $50! Bonus is getting a delicious pate in which I know exactly what went into it.
  • It was time to buy some more bird crumble. I discovered that one of the two packets at the pet shop was actually expired. I asked if I could get a discount on it and they gave me 50% off! A saving of $15, and there is NO difference to the budgies.
  • There have been some great specials on yogurt at the shops lately which I took great advantage of considering it’s one of the few things guaranteed to be eaten by Little Mr.


  • Little Mr stressful hospital visit resulted in maccas for lunch.
  • We have slightly gone overboard with the groceries this month. Not yet over budget however a no spend week is in order.

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