Frugal Fortunes & Fumbles: FFF#5


Each week I like to look back at the week that was and reflect on whether or not I am still undertaking steps to get me to my financial goals. I am not superhuman and as such I have my fumbles as well as my fortunes and I think it’s important to learn from my mistakes as well as my successes.



  • To keep my grocery budget below $50 each week I have to shop for bargains. I scored some great bargains on meat this week with 2kgs of beef steaks at 20% off. I also found a 2kg whole chicken at 20% off.
  • Our local rental DVD kiosk has a free rental code until November for each initial rental (per credit/debit card). My husband and I got to enjoy Eddie the Eagle by simply being aware of something so many people just walk straight past!
  • A while ago I contacted an acquaintance for advice on children’s bike seats. He had been cleaning out his garage and has GIVEN me his children’s old bike seat! I’m so happy as this will help get myself and Little Mister out and about so much more!
  • I’ve discovered a website that allows me to send a few free texts a day and it even appears as if it’s coming from my number – no catches (I’ll post about this later)!
  • With 3 weeks of the month behind us, we are still only at 62% of our grocery budget!


  • Unfortunately had a fail in one of the grocery shops, selected a delicious looking capsicum which cost $2, a few days after purchasing it despite it still looking in perfect condition the inside was filled with mould 😥 It was a little too long between shopping to justify returning it even tough I’m positive it was like that when I bought it.

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