Is Frugal Living For Me?

frugalityformeLiving the frugal life isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is willing to make certain sacrifices, whether it’s the sacrifice of being seen wearing the same outfit multiple times, the sacrifice of time to create things from scratch, or the sacrifice of going without certain luxuries. There are benefits to being frugal and there are benefits to not being frugal. One thing some people don’t understand though is being frugal isn’t an all or nothing deal breaker. You can in fact choose your level of frugalness, and your level of frugalness can change from week to week.

For example in some circles I’ve frequented in there is the idea of having a no spend week or a no spend month. Not everyone can make that a permanent state in their life, but having the knowledge of how to have a ‘spending fast’ can be a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal if you are having a tough week or saving up towards a goal you want to reach just a bit quicker.

Here on Frugally Inclined Mum I want to introduce you to as many tools to include in your frugal toolbelt. Not all of them will be for you. Some may be things you try only once and decide you don’t think it fits in your life, and that’s ok. Even if you only make one change that helps reduce your costs, that’s putting you in a better place than you would have been without it. Some of the things I will mention can be difficult to begin with but can also easily become a habit if you choose to make them so.

The largest benefit of the occasional or habitual thriftiness is financial security. If you were to lose your job tomorrow how long can you survive with no income? At what age do you think you’ll be able to afford to retire? Do you have enough money in savings to cover for emergency expenses or would they put you into debt? I’ve seen it all too frequently that people think they are in an ‘ok’ financial position but are actually spiralling further and further into debt due to a few poor choices. I want to help liberate people from those spirals by sharing the knowledge I’ve accrued over my lifetime. I hope you will continue to join me on the journey



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