Hi there! How are you going? Pull up a seat, make yourself comfortable. I’m about to attempt something that isn’t done too often in Australia. I’m going to try and collate the best ideas for living more frugally in Australia. Americans have long had access to very specific content regarding frugal living, but in Australia we all get a little bit sad as we hear about extreme couponing and way way way cheaper smartphones than are available readily here.

There will be some parts of this blog that won’t appeal to everyone. Why is that you ask? Well some parts of this blog are going to relate to my experiences of raising my first child. This is because I’ve previously read some ridiculous estimations that it costs up to half a million dollars to raise a child. Straight up I’m calling that approximation a big steaming pile of BS. I intend on using blogging as a way of keeping myself accountable on that.

So who am I? Just call me Fim for now, I’m not that different from you. I am a regular woman with an amazing husband and a beautiful son who is currently 1 year old. I was brought up in a financially struggling household that was reliant on centrelink, but I was taught some amazing monetary habits from my mum as I grew up. I’ve since taken these habits and managed to amass a nice little nest egg despite my low wage, which I have utilised to help my husband with our mortgage repayments. In the process of paying down the mortgage, according to one app estimation, we have saved ourselves approximately $200,000 and had our mortgage paid off in January 2016 instead of the banks preferred end date of 2039. Hopefully that information gives a bit of credibility to the information I will share here. The wealth I have helped amass is not my birth right, it’s not because I inherited some amazing sum of money and I haven’t won lotto. I believe financial stability is created through hard work, and I’ll share my wealth of knowledge here. Join me for the ride.



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